About a year ago, I became aware that there were over $200,000 in default
judgments against both myself and my parents for student loans. I immediately called Attorney Predrag Filipovic and within a matter of hours, there was a plan of action in place. The judgments were striken. We were also able to defeat each and every case, including one that went to trial. Attorney Filipovic easily adapted to each case. My name and both of my parents’ names are now free and clear of this debt. Our lives are now much less stressful. Attorney Filipovic was always 100% professional and dependable. He was there to hold my hand through every step of this process. I would highly recommend this  knowledgeable and fast-thinking attorney.

Kelly M.


Military Police Sergeant

I believe you can not succeed by being a follower. At some point you have to step forward and be a leader. A leader that has integrity and stands up for what’s right and fights for it. And that’s what Mr. Filipovic has done for me. Not only a dependable, knowledgeable and professional law firm but a great leader that will set and portray the standards for many people to follow. So you can either choose an attorney who is just going to go through the motions or you can choose Mr. Filipovic who will lead you to stress free success.

Attorney Filipovic, delivered in a tough and very contentious battle against powerful insurance company. He would not allow them to turn the tables on us, or intimidate us, the least bit. I would only hope he could handle more of these for others because in my case, he made the little guy win and win big, by making them own up to their obligations, without even us having to go to trial.



Happy New Year Mr. Filipovic,  I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I really appreciate the job you did in representing me in my court case and retrieving my money from someone that refuse to refund my money. You and your firm did a fantastic job. Again I thank you

Attorney Filipovic represented me several times and always with great success. I am 84 years old, and I have had many attorneys, in my lifetime, and Mr. Filipovic really knows his stuff and believes in the system, in himself and his client.


Gerald Earley

Finding out I had a Judgment on my credit report was the worst feeling in the world. I knew the information was wrong. I made phone calls and sent letters,but got no where. Contacting Predrag Filipovic made life easy. He explained all the steps and what he was going to do. The man delivered ! Best money I ever spent.

As a police officer you are expected to always have the answer and to always be in control. At the end of the day we are children, siblings, parents and spouses, just like everyone else. When my family member was diagnosed with cancer everything became unhinged, including my finances. After a few months, my family members cancer became in remission, but my finances made a slow recovery. I received mail and experienced phone calls from unsympathetic creditors. After realizing I needed help, I contacted Predrag Filipovic Esq. and he educated & assisted me in alleviating stress from the unlawful practices credit companies may use to intimidate you when your experiencing financial difficulties. Thank you Attorney Filipovic for your valuable assistance.


Your grateful client

My Le

The most amazing lawyer you can get! Mr. Predrag Filipovic is very professional, knowledgeable, thorough, well-prepared, timely, and very responsive. He successfully vacated a judgement against us within a short period of time, that was issued against us for several years, and is currently contesting the case on my behalf. He goes over and beyond his responsibilities. He would constantly update me on the status of my case and kept me in the loop, which was very reassuring. The consultation process was fast and effective. He answered all of my questions thoroughly and worked out a defense plan very quickly. I am very happy with his services. I would definitely recommend his practice for your legal needs.

When you think that you have been abandoned and the happiness left, you find Mr. Filipovic. He fights for what everyone has rejected – and wins. He is a very knowledgeable fighter and a passionate fast thinker. I highly recommend him.

Lilliana D.